The realization of a dream !

In 2020, we planted a seed and ideas. Since then, we have watered them with work, desire, research, study, and preparation !

We have seen the first buds blossom, and we are proud to witness the first glimpse of the dream that drives us.

The islands and plateaus are limited horizons for those who grew up there, but dreams are infinite.

With a degree in international business, our manager harbored a burning desire to open up to the world and position herself in the international market.

She began her career by exploring offshore companies, and that's where she found her passion: offering services on a global scale.

Thus was born Heaven Network, a project that took shape through the colors and designs of imagination.

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What matters to us?

The idea germinated during the pandemic. This dark period for most citizens of the world opened a door for team members. Caught between the loss of our respective occupations and the opportunity that arose from confinement, we found an alternative.

Light in the darkness


With a conviction to reduce inequality and break down borders, we decided to offer our services by aligning our resources with the changing international supply and demand.

Global citizen


With passion, creativity, flexibility, and the strength of youth, we contribute to the Malagasy economy by hitting two birds with one stone :
– increasing productivity and optimizing the budget of foreign businesses

Support and mutual aid


Our team

The company is made up of young Malagasy individuals with several years of experience in various fields. We will demonstrate tenacity, insight, mastery, and agility in our work to achieve your goals, which will become our goals !

Ando Lalaina
CEO and Founder

As the founder and CEO of HEAVEN NETWORK, my passion for innovation and my commitment to the economic development of our country guide every action we take. 

With nearly a decade of entrepreneurial experience, I have learned to turn challenges into opportunities, and obstacles into stepping stones to success.

Marc Rinah
Project Manager

Highly relational, I not only manage projects,
but also inspire those who work on them.
“One is too small a number to accomplish
something great “
So, a job well done with people
who thrive while doing it…
that’s how I work and how I aspire
to work with others.

Rado Lalaina
Managing Director

With deep commitment
and a strategic approach
focused on execution, I prioritize targeted
and pragmatic interventions
beyond theoretical dialogues.

Characterized by natural discretion, I strive
to translate our strategic aspirations
into concrete achievements, steering our team towards
defined and measurable goals.

Driven by a fervent passion for innovation
and an unwavering devotion to excellence,
I lead our projects with unwavering determination,
aiming to cultivate
an organizational environment
imbued with a culture
of excellence and superior performance.

Ando Lalaina
CEO and Founder
Marc Rinah
Project Manager
Rado Lalaina
Managing Director

What we promise you


At Heaven Network, we are committed to helping you reach new heights by providing quality services to support your growth and development.

We help you achieve your goals by offering unmatched expertise and agility, so you can focus on your core business.

We guarantee you a stable and reliable environment to provide shade during difficult times, to retain water during dry spells, and to be the guiding light that leads your business to success.


Our promise to ourselves

Heaven Network” We will work to help you reach new heights, so your branches can support multiple businesses and collaborators, providing shade in hot seasons, your roots retaining water during dry spells, and you being the sun that brightens the path for everyone you encounter.