Our services

We understand that each entity has its own unique needs and challenges. 

If our collaboration doesn’t prove to be the optimal choice, our commitment to growth remains intact. 

By advocating for an unwavering quest for knowledge, we encourage every stakeholder, 

whether qualified for collaboration or not, to embrace constant evolution as a catalyst for personal and professional growth.

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Virtual Assistance Support and customer service DATA PROCESSING PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Virtual Assistance


Navigating through the administrative workings of your business can be draining,

generating stress and inefficiency.

Feeling overwhelmed by administrative tasks that consume your precious time ?

Our competent virtual assistants are here to lighten that burden.

Virtual assistance is not just task delegation ; 

it’s a strategy that transforms your challenges into opportunities.

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Do you feel the urgent need to focus on the essential aspects of your business without being hindered by secondary tasks ?

We understand the critical need for you to focus on the essentials.

Our competent virtual assistants take care of administrative aspects,

freeing up your precious time so you can focus your attention where it really matters.

Finally free yourself from the stress of workload overload,

enabling you to manage your business with calm and efficiency. 

The list of our virtual assistance services

Email and correspondence management

  • Inbox sorting and organization
  • Responding to emails according to provided guidelines

Planning and organization

  • Agenda organization and appointment management
  • Scheduling and coordinating meetings, including video calls
  • Organizing company events and webinars
  • Setting up reminder systems for important deadlines

Social media management

  • Content creation and scheduling for social media platforms
  • Monitoring and engaging with the online community
  • Analysis of post and campaign performance
  • Updating company profiles and pages

Document and file management

  • Document creation (reports, letters, quotes)
  • Updating and organizing client or project files
  • Secure digital archiving of important documents
  • Management of access and sharing of documents online

Preparation of reports and presentations

  • Compilation of data for internal and external reporting
  • Creation of PowerPoint presentations for meetings or pitches
  • Performance analysis using charts and tables
  • Writing executive summaries and report conclusions

All online secretarial work

  • Data entry and formatting of all types of documents (minutes, reports, presentations)
  • Management and monitoring of email and postal correspondence
  • Daily administrative assistance

Support and customer service


Managing customer support can quickly become a major challenge,

generating frustration and potentially eroding your company’s reputation.

You may find yourself facing administrative, technical,

or even workload-related challenges associated with interactions across channels,

success or failure in these challenges has an impact on customer satisfaction and your peace of mind.

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We understand that managing customer support leaves you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted,

by equipping you with our services, customer support isn’t just a necessity,

it’s an opportunity to strengthen your customer relationships.

Let us handle these interactions, free yourself from stress,

but most importantly ?

Focus on building lasting relationships with your customers.

With our collaborators by your side ?

Every interaction becomes an opportunity to build loyalty and exceed your customers’ expectations,

making customer support a growth driver rather than a source of concern.


  • Multichannel customer service management

    • Continuous monitoring of communication channels to identify and proactively resolve issues before they escalate.
    • Implementation of rapid alert systems for recurring or critical issues.
    • By phone, chat, email, and social media
  • Order Management

    • Efficient processing of orders to ensure rapid and accurate delivery.
    • Implementation of real-time tracking systems to keep customers informed of their order status.
  • Delivery Management

    • Optimal coordination of routes to ensure timely and efficient deliveries.
    • Use of advanced tracking technologies to allow customers to track their parcels in real time.
  • Customer Satisfaction Monitoring 
    • Regular analysis of customer feedback to assess and continuously improve service quality.
    • Implementation of real-time feedback systems to capture customer impressions immediately after interaction.


  • Management of Returns and Complaints

    • Rapid processing of returns and complaints to maintain customer satisfaction.
    • Establishment of clear procedures to facilitate exchanges and refunds.
  • E-reputation Management 
    • Active monitoring of online platforms to manage and improve brand image.
    • Proactive strategies to effectively respond to user reviews and comments.
  • Web Moderation

    • Managing online engagement and responding to comments.
    • Enforcing community guidelines and combating inappropriate content.
    • Developing strategies to maintain a positive environment.
    • Analyzing user feedback and providing regular activity reports.


Overcome the challenges of Artificial Intelligence with Heaven Network

You’re at the head of an innovative artificial intelligence project,

faced with the major challenge of acquiring relevant, high-quality data.

Between legal restrictions and privacy requirements, the task can be tedious.

Moreover, ensuring data diversity and representativeness is essential to avoid bias and improve the generalizability of your AI model.

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At Heaven Network, we understand these issues.

That’s why we don’t just provide you with data; we create it for you.

We build tailor-made data sets that precisely meet your project needs, ensuring that they are complete, consistent, compliant with your demands and error-free.

Our data creation solutions are combined with a rigorous manual annotation and quality assurance process, freeing you from technical constraints so that you can concentrate fully on innovation.

Choose Heaven Network, your trusted partner for creating the data-driven foundations of your artificial intelligence innovations.


  • Data Enrichment : Our service enhances the quality of your databases by adding and verifying valuable information, thus allowing for better segmentation and more thorough data analysis, tailored to your needs in marketing, customer research, or market studies.


  • Intelligent Data Annotation : We provide high-quality annotation services, creating enriched datasets for your artificial intelligence and machine learning projects, thereby increasing their accuracy and efficiency.


  • Dynamic Data Entry : We transform data entry into a streamlined process, ensuring accuracy and speed, allowing you to focus on more strategic tasks.


  • Advanced Audio Transcription : Our team converts your audio files into accurate text, making it easy to access and analyze your important information, whether it’s for meeting transcriptions, interviews, or conferences.


  • Data Cleaning and Normalization : Our approach ensures that your data is not only accurate but also consistent and ready for analysis, thereby improving the quality of your insights and decisions.


  • Data Analysis and Reporting : Transform your raw data into actionable insights with our data analysis services. Our customized reports will help you make informed decisions based on reliable data.


  • Data Integration and Migration : We facilitate the integration of new data into your existing systems and support data migration between different platforms, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.


From meticulous management of administrative tasks to expert coordination of projects,

our experienced Online Business Managers are the conductors of your professional daily life.

Rely on our team, who not only relieves you of the burden of repetitive tasks,

but also excels in project coordination, eliminating delays and optimizing every step of the process.


Each of their actions is carefully crafted to not only maintain

but especially improve the efficiency of your projects,

making every day a significant step towards the success of your business.

From the moment we begin collaborating ?

Management and coordination become mastered cards.


  • Optimization and digitalization of business processes : We review your existing processes, identify areas for improvement, and then propose suitable digital solutions. By integrating technologies such as automation and data analytics, we aim to simplify tasks, reduce turnaround times, and enhance overall efficiency. Our tailored approach ensures a smooth transition to more agile and competitive operational practices, while keeping a focus on continuous innovation.


  • Daily Management : Our approach to daily management optimizes every aspect of your operation, from team coordination to resource management, ensuring maximum efficiency and agile response to daily challenges.


  • Project Management : We steer your projects from conception to completion, applying best management practices to ensure adherence to deadlines, cost control, and delivery quality, while maintaining transparent communication with all stakeholders.


  • Operations Management : Our expertise in operations management ensures smooth execution of your business processes, optimizing workflows, enhancing productivity, and minimizing costs, thereby contributing to the overall performance of your company.


  • Management of Metrics, Resources, and Team : We implement sophisticated performance tracking systems, allowing for precise evaluation of key metrics and effective team management, fostering operational excellence and goal achievement.


  • Online Event Management: webinars, masterclasses, challenges : We orchestrate online events such as webinars, masterclasses, and challenges, integrating effective communication and promotion tools. Our approach ensures optimal audience interaction and smooth content delivery, aiming to maximize participant engagement and ensure the success of your virtual events.