At HEAVEN NETWORK, we are much more than just an outsourcing service. We are your solution to the challenges of high production costs and the daily pressure to scale your business.

Our mission is to provide you with immediate relief and a dedicated team that understands your challenges and rises to meet them with you.

HEAVEN NETWORK turns the fear of compromised profitability into confidence and success. We are your allies in the quest for business growth, ensuring its foundations remain strong.

Our team transcends borders to connect with your vision, with our operations center based in Madagascar, making our services accessible to everyone.

If you’re looking to transcend geographical limits, we are here to help. Do not hesitate to start a conversation to explore how we can transform your challenges into opportunities.

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Our Services


Navigating the administrative intricacies of your business can be energy-consuming, 

generating stress and inefficiency.

Do you feel overwhelmed by administrative tasks that consume your precious time ? 

Our skilled virtual assistants are here to lighten this burden.


Delegate your : 

  • Administrative Management 
  • Technical Management
  • Social Media Management
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Managing customer support can quickly become a major challenge, generating frustration and potentially eroding your company’s reputation.


Our customer support teams are specially trained to turn these challenges into opportunities. 


Delegate your : 

  • Chat
  • Social Media
  • Email Management
  • Order Management
  • Returns and Complaints Management
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You know, 

Data processing can quickly become a source of frustration and exhaustion. 

If you are feeling increasing pressure related to the

These tasks can lead to unnecessary daily exhaustion 

And hinder the smooth running of your business.


Delegate your : 

  • Dynamic Data Entry
  • Advanced Audio Transcription
  • Smart Data Annotation
  • Data Cleaning and Normalization
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Web Moderation
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We consider each project as an opportunity to implement your company’s strategies and realize the ideas and vision of the entrepreneur. 

This involves in-depth reflection with the client to develop a launch strategy, analyze the existing situation, formulate recommendations, and create a robust launch plan.


Delegate your : 

  • Planning
  • Project monitoring and control
  • Online event management: webinars, masterclasses, challenges
  • Management of metrics, resources, and team
  • Optimization and digitalization of business processes
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Optimization of Your Production Costs :

Our commitment to optimizing production costs goes well beyond mere savings. 

By outsourcing with us, you can achieve savings of up to 50%, thus freeing up valuable financial resources to invest where it really matters. 

Cost reduction is not just a goal, but an absolute necessity to ensure your long-term success. 

Our mission is to become your outsourcing partner, but more importantly, a catalyst that transforms financial constraints into an opportunity for growth. 

Every percentage saved translates into increased maneuverability, financial flexibility, and the ability to strategically invest to propel your business to new heights.

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Our values

You will have understood, we are not simply a company. 

We are a community built on strong human and professional values.


You will have understood, 

we are not simply a company; we are a community built on strong human and professional values. 

We firmly believe that trust is the foundation upon which a fruitful collaboration rests, enabling every team member and every client to feel fully valued and understood.

This mutual trust is what enables us to build strong partnerships and uphold a culture of human excellence.



Our approach is guided by compassion, reflecting our commitment to creating a work environment where everyone is treated with respect and consideration.

This value translates into our desire to understand and address the specific needs of our teams and clients, while supporting their development and growth.

Kindness for us also means providing continuous support, ensuring that all members of our company feel encouraged and valued in their contribution to our common goals.



Growth is a core value of our company, embodying our commitment to continuous development and improvement.

We take pride in investing in our teams, providing them with training and the necessary tools to succeed. 

By valuing innovation, flexibility, and adaptability, we create an environment conducive to mutual growth.

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Don't believe us, believe them


Cyril Vander Ghinst

Manager at Casa SRL Belgium

So, we have been working with Ando and his company for almost 2 years and are very satisfied with his proactivity, commitment, and kindness.

It can sometimes be difficult to trust ‘from a distance’, but you can go ahead with your eyes closed; you’re in good hands

laura sauvat

Laura Sauviat

Project Manager at Mab Media France

Excellent adaptability to respond to urgent situations and tackle challenges to achieve the required objectives.

I have also, and above all, been able to place complete trust in Ando for the organization, management, and follow-up of client missions and objectives, and this, for the past 2 years.

Customer focus and quality service are the watchwords of Ando and his team’s work, who have had to mobilize the necessary resources to ensure customer satisfaction. A big thank you !

Anne Marie

Anne Marie Lhoist

Artist and Transformation Expert.

I met Ando not long ago, and immediately we clicked. She is in her element, in her expertise, and it’s a real pleasure.

For me, who is not an expert in online work, everything went well. She explained things very clearly, on how to do them. She made short videos with explanations and everything, which allowed me to be able to perform certain actions on my own. I think that as an entrepreneur, you still want to have control over the whole situation and be able to adjust certain little things.

I really appreciate her availability as well.


Agnès Dumanget

Feng Shui Coach and Expert

For some time, I had been looking to delegate some of my tasks, which are heavy for me and outside my area of expertise and talent. I was fortunate to come across Ando.

She was extremely attentive, including to my fears. I really appreciated her reassuring and calm demeanor.

She is very patient, which means I can change my mind, which happened several times on an ongoing project, and then come back to have things modified. She really has that Olympian calmness that gives the impression that everything is fine. And indeed, everything was really in order.


Mélanie Larocque

Coach and teacher in business startups & DP / Accredited MPO Analyst

I would like to testify to the great competence and professionalism of Ando Ratovomanana. For nearly two years, she has been a valuable asset to my company, providing quality work and always respecting deadlines.

Ando is a very reliable, organized person capable of managing multiple projects at once. She is always ready to help and provide sound advice to improve processes and projects. She is also very proactive and often takes initiatives to ensure that everything runs smoothly.